You love the classic pool table in your family home. So many memories and nostalgia are associated with it, that you can’t imagine the house without it. But it’s been many years since that pool table was new, and billiards games are starting to go awry. How can you tell if your pool table is in need of repair or if you should swap it for a newer model? Check below for general tips, but be sure to schedule a consultation to check with our professional team of experts since each table is unique.

Let’s Fix it Up

Your pool table is sturdy and has been in the family for years, but there are a few issues that have been bothering you. The felt is torn, and the pockets have holes. There’s a slight tilt to the top left corner, and the rubber cushions are not as springy as they ought to be. But you may not need to toss in the towel just yet. These are all fixable items, and we at Mission Billiards can help you restore that antique to its former glory.

Time for an Upgrade

This pool table was old when you found it behind your favorite college bar way back when. There’s always been a faint smell of spilled beer and peanuts, but finding it felt like discovering buried treasure. Over the years some things have fallen off, but legs aren’t important to a table, right? Just need the holes in the side! And there’s a few extra of those, so we’re all set. Think again. You may want to consider investing in a new pool table. After all, you’re not in college anymore. Check out our selection of pool tables, but no matter where you buy, be sure to call us for installation.

Whether you need a fix or a real upgrade, your pool table needs are all taken care of at Mission Billiards.

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