Learning a new sport is mostly about training your body and improving your skills. There is also an added element of terminology. If you never played badminton, you won’t know what a shuttlecock is, for example. For new players to the game of billiards, there are a few terms you ought to know.

Bridge – The hand position that guides the cue during play.

Cue – A tapered pole, often made of wood, that is used to strike the ball.

Cue Ball – The unmarked, white ball that is always struck by the cue during a game.

Calling a Shot – This is when you announce which pocket you are landing your ball in and which ball you are using, before making the shot.

Follow Through – The movement of the cue after contact with the cue ball.

Rack – The triangle mold used to hold balls in formation at the start of a game or when the game is not being played.

Run – The total score in one player’s turn.

Like any language, it can take a while to learn all the vocabulary and when to use it. For those starting out with billiards, have patience and don’t give up! The terms above may only “scratch” the surface, but as you keep playing it will become more natural.

For more practice, consider getting a pool table installed in your own home. Mission Billiards can help you choose the right equipment to help you improve your skills.

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