For some people, a pool table is a fun fixture at their local bar that they pay very little attention to. For others, a pool table is a sacred entity that you must respect, or it’ll eat you alive.

Exaggerations aside, pool tables have a set of unspoken rules that true enthusiasts will enforce with glee. If you don’t want to be “that guy” who doesn’t know what’s up, follow these short tips and avoid the hostility.

  1. Don’t put your drink on the pool table. Seriously, don’t.
  2. Give players space when it’s their turn. Blocking the table when it’s not your turn because you’re distracted by conversation? Dude.
  3. Don’t distract players on their turn. Even if it’s an accident, messing up someone else’s game is just wrong.
  4. Keep one foot on the floor. It’s not a bed, why are you lying on it?
  5. No crying! Wait, that’s baseball.

You get the drift. Respect each other, check the attitude, and keep it cool. If you want to get your own pool table to lovingly care for, then check out the showroom at Mission Billiards & Barstools. We have something for every budget. Our pool tables, cues, and accessories are also available for purchase online.

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