Oftentimes, the terms “billiards” and “pool” are used interchangeably. But what are we referring to when we say them, and what is the difference? The mystery is solved below.

Billiards is an umbrella term. All pool games can be considered billiards games, but not all billiards games can be considered pool. Wait, what? Okay, think of it like a car. All sedans are cars, but not all cars are sedans.

So which games are pool and which are not? The game most Americans are familiar with, involving 15 colored balls, a cue ball, and 6 pockets, is pool. Other game types with different colored balls and objectives like carom or snooker, are not pool, but they are billiards games. But remember, a pool game is still considered a billiards game.
There is a lot of history involved in these games, and depending on the region of the world you’re in, the terminology might vary, but in practice people will understand what you mean if you mix up the two. Calling the billiards table a pool table doesn’t constitute a serious offense. If you are in the market for a pool table, or any accessories, contact Mission Billiards. We’d love to help!

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