If you’re a pool player, you’re probably familiar with what an awesome time it can be. Grab some of your friends, some beers or other types of drinks, and a good atmosphere, and only a few hours at a pool table can make up for a lifetime in a dreary office cubicle. You may even feel inclined to buy your own pool table so that you can have that experience whenever you feel like it, in addition to getting in some practice.

So the question is: Is a pool table a worthwhile investment? A pool table is a great investment if you want to sharpen your pool skills and if you think you can afford to maintain its appearance and quality. Even though a pool table probably won’t increase in value over the years, with practice your billiard-playing skill might. If this is what you’re aiming for, then yes—buying a pool table would be a great investment for you.

But are there times when a pool table can be a bad investment? Are you possibly just buying a pool table merely on impulse? Even so, does it even matter? Read below to figure out how to tell if buying a pool table is right for you, and how to go about making the final decision. 

So let’s finally get into some of the reasons you should buy a pool table, and what sort of investment it could be for you.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pool Table

Regardless of whether or not you really need a pool table will generally depend on a number of factors. 

For those with a passion for playing pool and/or billiards, buying a personal pool table for their home affords enormous advantages. For those who play pool in passing on a more exclusively social level, a pool table may potentially just be an empty and expensive purchase. 

Here are a few advantages of buying a pool table for those who are serious about playing pool as a hobby or even profession:


If you’re trying to get better at billiards games, you’ll benefit greatly from a home pool table. Having a pool table at your own home means you’ll be able to play pool at your leisure and with anyone who comes over. 

All those hours of pool practice, which you’ll accumulate in just over a few months, you’ll likely surpass most of your friends in your pool skills. 


We all are familiar with that bar or pool hall with just the right drinks, prices, and atmosphere— but just the wrong hours. A lot of times a pool hall may have everything you want but unfortunately basically closes at the time your grandparents go to sleep. 

With a home pool table, you won’t have to deal with this problem. You can come home, shoot as many shots as you want while downing a few drinks with your pals at any time of the day.


Investing in a pool table can be one of two things— either a huge money-saver or a giant money sinkhole. If you and your buddies love playing pool— and typically hit up the local pool hall every weekend or so— you’re likely to save some money in the long run.

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