Adding a pool table can be a family-friendly addition to any home. It gives a reason for the family to come together and bond over a game, while also giving opportunities for guests to interact at parties.

Do I need to know how to play?

Learning the game and how to improve is half the fun of getting a pool table. For some, ordering a custom cue will also push them to practice and play more often, qualifying their purchase from the get go. If a competitive environment doesn’t suit you as well, it’s the perfect casual game as well to enjoy playing with family and friends.

How much space do I need?

A standard-size table is about eight feet long, while tournament size is often nine feet long. Depending on the expectations of the user, either option is viable for the home. Used table options also open up room for more size options if your living room is a bit more compact.

How do I need to maintain the table?

What you’ll need to be most attentive to is the felt of the table, and the cues. This can easily be damaged or corrupted by inexperienced players. Even with the most experienced of players, it will deteriorate slowly over time, requiring maintenance occasionally. For at-home minor maintenance, a razor or scissors can be used to scrape the jagged felt off. This can be tricky, however, which is why it should be attended to with caution.

Cleaning the table is entirely different, since felt can stain depending on the chosen material. It’s recommended to avoid eating or drinking near the table, while making new guests and players aware of this as well. Since it’s often more of a casual setting to play, players will be more prone to accidents. Avoid these the best you can in order to maintain the felt and the cues as well.

What do pool tables pair well with?

Adding a pool table in the living room or in an adjacent game room often pairs well with a couple things. A small lounge area with a mini bar or larger television screens for sports events is a perfect pairing. If you are adding the table to the outside expansion in a covered area, they can also be fitted to resist water damage. Any group activities that can be tied in with pool are generally great options to consider.

How do I get started?

The first step is to take a look at some of the felt color options, and pick a pairing with the table material of your choice. Then, finding cues and stools to seat around the area will give the table a bigger impact on the room’s atmosphere. Finally, call and get a quote on the table that best suits your home.

We can get the process going quickly enough to have the table ready for your next major family gathering or special event. If you have any further questions about pricing, seek out our financing page for other options as well.

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