Pool Table Services

Pool table moving / D-M-R

Pool Table Moving requires a pool table to be dissassembled, moved, then professionally reassembled and leveled in the new location (even if the table is only being moved from the garage to the family room). D-M-R is the abbreviation we use when a customer calls us to move a pool table. DMR’s are one of our most popular services. If a professional like us does not move your pool table, you risk cracking the slate and incurring additional costs of slate replacement or frame damage. Don’t try to move a pool table yourself. Call a professional pool table mover like us instead.


With over 25 colors to choose from and 2 different types of felt, we are your one-stop-shop for re-felting your pool table. We have both Championship which is stain resistant and Simonis felt which is what the pros play on, so you have plenty of options to choose from when getting new felt. Give us a call so that we can explain your options and the benefits of each. You can see samples of our felt choices below.

Need New Felt? Take Your Pick!


We always tell customers who shop with us that it doesn’t matter much which dealer you buy your table from. What is most important is who installs your pool table. Our thorough installation process first involves consulting with our clients on the perfect location in their house or business where the pool table is going to get the most use without obstructions such as walls or other furniture. We then level the pool table frame to the floor with a very accurate machinist level. Then we install each piece of slate that weighs 200+ lbs each. We then use the level to ensure the playing surface is perfect side-to-side and top-to-bottom. After all, you want the ball to roll straight, right? With our 55+ years of combined experience, we transport, assemble, and professionally install pool tables we sell or service. We guarantee that every table we touch plays as intended.


Do you get the feeling that something is just “off” and its not your shot? We’ll come out and give your table a complete tune-up! We ensure your table is 100% level with our 3 point leveling system while servicing your table with a full detail using our wood conditioner and more. Pool tables can become not level for a variety of reasons, but the most common is due to people sitting on the pool table. When a pool table needs to be leveled, we remove the rails, felt and slate. We then go about our standard pool table installation process of leveling the frame to the floor from side-to-side and top-to-bottom. Our process ensures your pool table surface plays as intended. 


Most of the time we have to disassemble a pool table is when a customer is having new flooring installed. Our service usually involves disassembling the pool table and moving it into the garage. When the new floor in installed, we come back to professionally install the pool table again. Pool tables can be damaged easily if they are not moved by a professional. If your billiards table needs to be moved to another room or another location, be sure to call us first.

Install new rubber cushions

At Mission Billiards, we specialize in keeping pool tables in tiptop shape. Depending on a variety of factors, pool table cushions will need to be replaced throughout the lifetime of every pool table. If your rubber cushions not bouncing right, give us a call so that we can replace them for you. It usually takes 2-4 days for us to replace your pool table cushions.

Install New Pockets

Are your pool table pockets torn? Are your billiard balls falling out of the pockets? We have plenty of options available to you. Give us a call so that we can give you the best advice. New pockets can be a very nice facelift to a pool table. We have a variety of different colors and styles in stock at all times so contact us if your pockets are damaged or show signs of excessive wear and tear.

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